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Dr. Donald Theriault DMD periodontist of Coastal Maine Periodontics in Portland Maine is a Board Certified periodontist with over 25 years of experience in dentistry & highly trained in all aspects of periodontal diagnosis & treatment as well as implantology

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General Post Operative Instructions

Patient Care at Coastal Maine Periodontics in Portland Maine
You have just undergone periodontal surgery. Here are several things you can do to make your post-surgical time easier as well as to promote healing :

Good nutrition after surgery is important

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and well fed. Although you do not have to live on applesauce and scrambled eggs for a week, try to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet. Please avoid hard, gritty food such as popcorn, raspberry seeds, peanuts, raw broccoli, etc. Spicy foods may also be a little uncomfortable for you. Drinking plenty of liquids is also a good idea. You may drink water, fruit juice (preferable not acidic juices like orange or grapefruit), soft drinks, or milk, but you should avoid alcoholic drinks if you are taking a narcotic pain reliever.

Try to rest today if you can

You may feel fine after the surgery; however you may find that you won't have as much energy as you ordinarily do. Take your pain medications regularly, drink plenty of fluids, and try to take it easy.

Take your medications as instructed

Please make sure to take your pain pills when you get home if you have not done so already. They are most effective if taken before the local anesthesia wears off. It is always better to prevent discomfort before it begins than to wait and try to relieve it once it starts. You may have been prescribed a prescription mouth rinse. Dip your soft brush into a small amount of the solution and gently massage the teeth and gums in the surgical site twice a day beginning the day following surgery. Brush and floss the rest of your mouth as usual but don't mix the prescription rinse with toothpaste. Use the rinse either 1/2 hour before or after brushing the rest of your mouth.

Bleeding is common after surgery

If bleeding should start when you get home, place either gauze or a wet tea bag on the site and use gentle pressure to keep it in place for 5 minutes. Remove any excess blood clots with a piece of gauze and apply pressure. Try to avoid anything really hot today.

Do not suck hard through a straw or rinse vigorously today

Gentle rinsing is fine. Avoid vigorous suction, in or out. This will help protect the gum tissues during the important first day.

Do not smoke!

Refraining from tobacco use for at least 72 hours after surgery is important. Not only will smoking or tobacco use affect your healing, but your teeth may stain during the healing period, especially if you are using a prescription mouth rinse.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 774-1471. Dr.Theriault can be reached after hours at 799-2454.



Donald L. Theriault, D.M.D.

595 Brighton Ave
Portland ME 04102
Office: 207-774-1471

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